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JW Enviro Furniture
Pakistan has since long been known for handicrafts and typical traditional home furniture which is popular all over the world, particularly in the Middle East. Unfortunately, there have hardly been any institutions to train the workforce to further develop this industry and help it mould itself with the changing trends. Thus there was a gap to be filled in the field of modern furniture and other life style solutions.
JW Enviro Pakistan Private Limited is the wood and wood-based furniture project of RUBA Group. As an extract of the global experience of RUBA Group, Enviro is a brand of ambitions that finds its roots in the philosophy of inspirations. Enviro Furniture is not merely an addition to the furniture sector of Pakistan; it is a leader and an inspirer as it symbolizes the Group’s experience of operating in different civilizations and cultures across the globe and incorporates the multi-cultural experiences to make a combination of products that set new standards. Hence, Enviro aims at serving both domestic and corporate sector of Pakistan with furniture solutions that are rich in design, aesthetically elegant and cost effective.
At Enviro, top quality of the wide range of products is achieved through the use of latest technology. The production facility of Enviro furniture is equipped with latest machinery which ensures that the valued customers receive perfect products. At Enviro, we do not just believe in meeting the expectations of our customers; we believe in exceeding them.
Top quality products come from top quality workforce. Following this principle, Enviro has attracted and retained people that are specialists in their particular fields of furniture manufacturing. Following the corporate vision of RUBA Group, we do not believe in competition among our own employees; we rather believe that every member of our team has got a talent and it’s all about shining the abilities of all the individuals and bringing out their best as a team. Knowledge sharing is a core part of our management at every level. At Enviro, each member of the organization is an equal contributor to the success and bright future that lies ahead of us.
The corporate policy of Enviro Furniture revolves around one core principle: “Quality with Economy” We have evolved a system of production that ensures efficiency at every level. As a result, we are able to cut unnecessary costs in our production system which enables us to offer our quality products at the most competitive prices.
For more information please check it out at: www.envirofurniture.com.pk
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